Israeli, Palestinian and German Students open to each other

in an intensive 8 day seminar

17th – 25th September 2019

at the Jugendburg Rotenberg Castle close to Heidelberg/Germany


“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy”

Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela


But how will that be possible when the Palestinian and the Israeli societies continue to  separate from each other, allowing themselves to become imprisoned within their own narratives concocted of facts and fictions, of real human tragedies, legends, realities and propaganda? How can these fortifications be opened, when both sides are afraid of reactions of social exclusion within their own families and social environments when they dare to meet the “enemy”?

FAB provides a safe place, that allows all three national groups - Israelis, Palestinians, Germans - to share deeply-wounded stories and to express one’s profound feelings about the brute force of ideological entrenchment in war-like circumstances. A key concept of the work is the awareness of collective trauma, which all three societies have experienced, albeit in very different forms: Israeli Jews with the Holocaust; Palestinians with their Naqba 1948 and the ongoing occupation; and Germans, as the aggressors, but also as victims of World War II

The participants will examine the complex interdependencies that exist between social and personal traumatic experiences and the perpetual social realities. With the help of interactive and creative approaches, which pay particular attention to personal awareness and group-specific dynamics, FAB aims to make visible the narrative, psychological, and political patterns that disrupt and prevent interpersonal and communal empathy. Learning how to recognize counter processes that present the “other” as a stranger and enemy, FAB offers opportunities for personal and social transformation


The seminar includes additional national seminars of preparation and post processing

The seminar will be held in English

Participation fee  € 150 (application for a reduction is possible)